Lee Robert Bouzida

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Lee Robert Bouzida is a singer/songwriter, musician, writer and barman from Newbury, UK. Lee has 3 studio albums as a solo artist. The new album ‘Black Holes & Heavy Souls’ is available on Spotify now. He is also a lifestyle blogger, reviewing music, books and real ale. Click Here to read ‘Far Too Interested’.

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4 days ago
In five days of being t total I have learned an awful lot about how much I rely on alcohol and cigarettes to sleep and stop my mind from working over time. It's no wonder my childhood was so stressful.

5 days ago
I think they should do a nap of no confidence where parliament sleeps if it doesnt trust the government. That way they get to truly behave like the children they are and we can quickly replace them with real people who actually care about the country, and they won't even notice.

5 days ago
The @miserythetweets EP is finished and I can't wait to share it with you.

6 days ago
My weirdest obsession ever at the moment is American folk artist Townes Van Zanht. Crazy good music.

6 days ago
Lotta love for these guys. Seriously good people. Good music. https://t.co/ingeIrLO8C

7 days ago
Right now I wanna eat cheese and cry.