Lee Robert Bouzida

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Lee Robert Bouzida is a singer/songwriter, musician, writer and barman from Newbury, UK. Lee has 3 studio albums as a solo artist. The new album ‘Black Holes & Heavy Souls’ is available on Spotify now. He is also a lifestyle blogger, reviewing music, books and real ale. Click Here to read ‘Far Too Interested’.

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2 days ago
This weekend was an example of how great life can be when you're young.

2 weeks ago
Last night’s @LilyMooreMusic show was magnificent. Such a wonderful voice with wonderful songs. Will definitely be heading to one of her shows again!

Also @taylawilliamson ‘s company wasn’t bad 😏😂

2 weeks ago
I keep having INCREDIBLY personal dreams recently that are making me question everything both in my life and not in my life...

Confused by meaning and course of action.

3 weeks ago
My Dad used to say to me “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” https://t.co/tCGuFvtxbT

3 weeks ago
I had a dream where I was an alien with telekinesis, that I used to fight evil aliens and stop them harming humans...

...then I woke up and I was a barman living in Newbury. And late for work.