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Lee Robert Bouzida is a singer/songwriter, musician, writer and barman from Newbury, UK. Lee has 3 studio albums as a solo artist. The new album ‘Black Holes & Heavy Souls’ is available on Spotify now. He is also a lifestyle blogger, reviewing music, books and real ale. Click Here to read ‘Far Too Interested’.

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2 days ago
Theresa May is a woman doing EVERYTHING she can to make brexit happen and fair play for that.

If the Tories now get rid of her in place of the horror that is Jacob Rees-Mogg I will never ever EVER forgive any of them.

2 weeks ago
It’s been 7 months since I was in a studio...


I’m simultaneously terrified, excited and confused.

2 weeks ago
This is a toughie. I didn’t have to go to uni for what I wanted to but that’s how I chose to do it, on a 50/50 “shall I shan’t I” and 100% do not regret the decision. I had a great time, met some diamonds, and learned a lot about myself, my field, and more. https://t.co/yRid08psbE

2 weeks ago
Big thing, finally starting to get into lucid dreaming without panicking. It’s so strange, but also really quite amazing to be able to actually FEEL your dreams. Haven quite controlled it all yet, but it’s really interesting.

2 weeks ago
I think someone wanted to get hold of me this morning https://t.co/KvABLnMZLE

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